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May 27th, 2006 (09:15 am)

how I feel: annoyed

I meant to say this yesterday.

We have noticed a disturbing trend at Starbuck's. A couple of weeks ago, we visited a Starbuck's, and someone had left their dog in the car with the widows down. We were there at least a half hour and no one ever came out to get the dog, to drive the dog home, give it water, nothing. Another lady there called the police and they came as we were leaving.

Yesterday, we were sitting at Starbuck's and not one but two people drove up, got out, left their dogs in the car, without even so much as a cracked window, to go inside and get their drinks. The first guy got an iced tea, so he wasn't really gone a long time. The second person, a woman, got two blended drinks, and was inside for probably ten minutes. The dog was obviously hot, panting like crazy in the car.

'Ya see, it's 100-something frickin' degrees outside. Inside a car with no windows even cracked, it gets hot really fast. No one should leave an animal in a car for any length of time in this heat. I feel bad for those poor dogs. :(


Posted by: mentallybent (mentallybent)
Posted at: May 30th, 2006 03:08 am (UTC)

Sad thing is that's not news. People do it all the time, and not just with the dogs, but with the kids too. I remember back when they finally had to pass a law making it illegal to leave your kids in the car...

Okay, yes, that means I'm old. Ancient. Complete fogey...and only 3 years older than you. =P